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Cutting and Milled by CNC


Cutting and designing pieces by CNC

Mechanized all kinds of custom parts for: milling, drilling, drawings, signs and contour cuts in all kinds of plywood, MDF, etc ...

Some of the benefits that make this type of machinery more common in more companies are the following:

  • Speed. The tasks are carried out faster and, in addition, several jobs can be carried out without changing tools, without stopping to measure, without pauses, ...
  • Precision. When the CNC is well calibrated, the precision is very high, and the work is very fine.
  • The number of errors is almost imperceptible, compared to manual work.
  • Economy. The jobs are cheaper as there are not so many chances of error. For example in curved cuts in wood.
  • Customization. Almost any type of work can be done. You just have to update the design.


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Cutting and milling work mechanized by CNC

Sound Systems

MPSL Sound Systems are delivered in full, with all electronic components. Check order units. These are our products:

Sound Boxes

MPSL Sound Boxes are delivered without electronic components. Check order units. These are our product and prices:

96 € + VAT
149 € + VAT
168 € + VAT
269 € + VAT
CM-15 S
185 € + VAT
CM-18 S
265 € + VAT
365 € + VAT

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