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The experience of this company, dedicated for 3 generations to wood and derivatives, endorses the effort and dedication in treatment and finishing products. As such, applying the latest technologies, such as, C.N.C by numerical control, and computerized design programs, leads to a perfect start and finish of our products, always using quality materials.

Moreno Palacios, S.L.

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Our Slogan is All our customers be satisfied. For them it is a plus of security, and for us great satisfaction for a well done work.


Moreno Palacios, S.L. has created a High Quality Products Line, for which the customers feel satisfied with their purchase, and for the sound quality and finishes its have.

MPSL products stand out for their quality and efficiency at very competitive prices. Try them and will no longer look more products on the market.

Our goal is the total satisfaction of our customers. Our customers have tested different models on the market, and MPSL products meet widely their objectives.

Customer Satisfaction

According to the latest surveys among our customers, they stand out from Moreno Palacios, S.L. following characteristics:

  • high Quality
  • Good Deal
  • Professional finished
  • Perfection
  • Fast Speed
  • Price according market
  • Quality
  • Professionality